New Publication: Critical Policy Discourse Analysis

Critical Policy Discourse Analysis

All information about the book Critical Policy Discourse Analysis edited by Nicolina Montessano Montessori, Michael Farelli and Jane Mulderrig can be found here:


Critical Policy Discourse Analysis bridges the literature on critical discourse analysis (CDA) and critical policy analysis to provide a practical guide on how to combine these major approaches to critical social science. The volume gives a clear introduction to concepts and analytical procedures for critical policy discourse analysis. Utilising ten international case studies, the authors explain and critically reflect upon the methods and theories that they have used to successfully integrate CDA with critical policy studies across a diverse range of policy issues.

Case studies are used to explore issues in economics, health, education, crisis management, the environment, language and energy policy. Analysing these through discursive methodological approaches in the traditions of CDA, social semiotics and discourse theory, this book connects this discursive methodology systematically to the field of critical policy studies.

This is an essential read for researchers wishing to practically combine methods of CDA with critical policy studies. It provides key insights for politics scholars looking to gain a more in-depth understanding of the impact and analysis of discourse.

Critical acclaim:

‘Finally, a very timely and useful volume which addresses scholars and graduate students in the Social Sciences, and – importantly – also policy makers as well as practitioners. The chapters illustrate how systematic interdisciplinary, in-depth textual analysis of policy documents, on the one hand, and of debates about policies, on the other, allow for an understanding and explanation of the complexity of policy processes and procedures in innovative ways.’
– Ruth Wodak, Lancaster University, UK

‘By bringing together, in a highly innovative and informative way, up-to-date theory, detailed methodological guidance and well-documented empirical examples, Critical Policy Discourse Analysis is now the go-to book for everyone interested in the contribution of critical discourse analysis to policy studies. The book captures the enormous theoretical and methodological progress CDA has made over the last decade. It convincingly demonstrates that CDA should be part of the standard repertoire of policy analysis and a core topic of every policy studies curriculum.’
– Hendrik Wagenaar, King’s College London, UK and The University of Canberra, Australia

‘An exciting, important and, above all, extremely useful collection of essays, offering excellent and practical guidance on how to conduct critical policy discourse analysis. Timely and highly recommended.’ 
– Colin Hay, Sciences Po, France